Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where Does Seattle Taxi Alternatives pick up from the airport?
Upon landing you will receive a text message from the driver instructing you on which door he will pick you up from on the curb side on the baggage claim arrival level

2. How will I identify your driver?
Your driver will be the one texting you, so you will have a direct contact with him via cell phone.

3. Does Seattle Taxi Alternatives charge for the curbside pickup?
Seattle Town Car doesn’t charge for the curbside pickup. It is FREE!

4. Do you offer meet and greet Service?
Yes. We do meet and greet upon request where we meet the client at the baggage claim arrival level and help retrieve the luggage for our clients. The cost for that is $45.

5. Does Seattle Taxi Alternatives track my flight?
Yes, we do track your flight based on the information you enter making the reservation.

6. Does Seattle Taxi Alternatives charge me if my flight is delayed?
No, we do not charge you if your flight is delayed rather we do line up the next available driver to
pick you up based on the new landing time.

7. What if my flight lands early?
We will still pick you up on the new arrival time.
1. Does Seattle Taxi Alternatives provides Car Seats & Booster Seats?
Yes, we do. Please consider that the maximum we can offer is TWO car Seats per car maximum.

2. Does Seattle Taxi Alternatives charge for the car seat & booster seat providing service?
Yes we do. The charge is $15 per car seat & $10 per booster seat.

3. How Do I request a car seat or a booster seat?
Very Simple. When you are making a reservation online, Please indicate the age and weight of your child with any other request you want to mention to us.

4. Does the driver install the car Seat for us?
Some drivers do install the car seat for the client as a courtesy, but they are not required to do that, and it is the responsibility of the parent to do so and ensure that the car seat is installed properly.
1. Pickup from residence or Hotels or any other places are very easy: You enter the address of pick up, you get an email confirmation, and the driver shows up and call you once he is upfront so please keep an eye on your phone as we don’t knock at doors of our clients.

2. What if we need help with our luggage?
Simply ask the driver. Please note that the driver are not required to come and help you with the luggage inside of your residence but we do it out of courtesy to those in need of such help. All of our drivers are very nice and helpful so please ask nicely.

3. What if my address is hard to find or one of those few addresses not listed on GPS?
Please indicate any special instructions to the driver when you are making the reservation online in the “Notes” section and we shall get there to pick you up.
1. How do I get I quote for a ride from Seattle Taxi Alternatives?
Simply go on our website and click on pricing enter the needed information and you will get the flat rate for that ride.

2. Do I have to call to confirm my reservation?
If you did get an email confirmation from us for your ride, you should be set to go although you can do that via phone but we do prefer to email us at

3. What is a normal gratuity for the drivers?
The normal gratuity is 20% of the fare although some generous people may choose to tip more. All our drivers are trained to provide an excellent outstanding experience for our clients.

4. How do I make changes to an existing reservation?
Simply email us back on the same email you got the confirmation from with the new time and date and we shall email you back your new confirmation. / or you can email that information to us with the confirmation code to the following email address (

5. How do I cancel an existing reservation?
All cancellation have to be 24 hours ahead of time and in writing by replying back to the confirmation email or emailing us at

6. Does Seattle Taxi Alternatives Accept Credit Cards?
Yes. We do accept all major credit cards!
Please if you do have any further questions, Please do not hesitate to email us at

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